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Our Expertise

Maraco Inc. is an oil and gas consulting company located in Los Angeles, California, USA. Maraco has expertise in

1.     Strategic planning and design of optimal development of oil and gas reservoirs. Reservoir performance, surface facility layout, costs, revenues and oil/gas price fluctuations are balanced with latest Operation Research tools to give best development plans.

2.     Optimal design and operation of gas reservoir storage facilities. Reservoir performance, compressor size, costs and service charges are carefully considered.


Softwares and Tools

Maraco has developed the following softwares to suit different needs in oil and gas industry.

1.     GMAN.SIM A gas reservoir surface facility (nodal analysis) simulator with numerous simulation modes including DCQ, quality constraints such as heating value, gravity and Wobbe Index.

2.     GMAN.OPT A combination gas reservoir simulator and economic evaluation package to devise an optimal development plan for a cluster of gas reservoirs. Drilling schedule, compressor size and installation timing and the associated economic performance are generated.

3.     GasTop A development tool for optimal design and/or performance evaluation of gas storage reservoirs. Wells, compressors, cushion size and service charges are considered.

4.     GMAN.SOS Planning tool for gas supply and distributions networks containing storage reservoirs. Reservoir performance, CO2 plants, take-or-pay contract option are incorporated into the software.

5.     GasPal A comprehensive gas reservoir simulator with 3-phase flow underground and nodal analysis. Surface network can have splits, loops, multiple offtake points. Special production modes such as Nomination and DCQ.

6.     GOMAN A planning tool for oil reservoirs. Considers a wide variety of factors: Reservoir performance, surface facilities such as oil gathering centers, separators, gas compressors, gas processing plants, multiple oil markets, API and sulfur constraints, crude prices and more.


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