Software Price List March 28, 2006



Price, $US


Multi cells & reservoirs

Includes SIM*, OPT**, TFR***


GRIDDER is a stand alone package that links to either GasPal or SIM.

$30000 + 5500 AnnMaintence


Multi cells & reservoirs

$37500 + 6000 AnnMaintence

GASTOPsingle cell, multi reservoir

Optimize wells, HP, cushion gas,

Simulate gas storage reservoirs.

$6000 + 2500 AnnMaintence

GOMANoil/gas/water flow thru surface processing facilities

Optimize development multi reservoir invest in wells, surface units, gas lift, water injection

$60000 + contracted AnnMaintence

OGMATMB oil or gas reservoirs

Least squares estimate OOIP, OGIP, Water Influx

$1500 + 500 AnnMaintence

*SIMperforms state-of-the-art nodal analysis simulations of one or several gas reservoirs delivering production through a surface flowline network with compressor HP at any node. Marketing options are (1) capacity flow, (2) fixed or variable rate from each reservoir or total system w/wo specified spare capacity and (3) DCQ for each reservoir or system total.

**OPTdetermines optimum development schedule for one or several gas reservoirs delivering production at a specified rate through a surface flowline network. Development options are wells in any reservoir and compressor HP at any surface node.

***TFRTubing/SurfaceFlowline/Riser analyzes Δp vs gas flow rate, q, for individual, either pair or three segment(s) combined. Alsoanalyzes flow in riser & subsea manifold/line of up to 32 wells (tubing+flowline to manifold)generates IPR/tubing intake (vertical flow rate) curve for a single well. Purchase price - $2500 + $1000 Annual Maintenance

****GasPaladvanced version of SIM with enhanced input/output that handles (1) flow splits/loops in the surface network, (2) gas offtake under specified conditions (p or q) at more than one network node. To model sand lenses at varying depths reservoirs may contain up to 30 layers. C/n or AFBC are optional formation modeling inputs. GasPal can simulate performance of one or inter-connected gas storage reservoirs. Available for monthly rental on PetrisWINDS Now! for $2500/month.

*****GRIDDERcreates onscreen graph of computing grid of arbitrary size w/wo partial or sealing faults, accepts input of all formation data, computes simulation parameters including inter-cell flow coefficients and passes the resulting data file to SIM or GasPal.